August newsletter

Wednesday 29th July 2020


Just a reminder of the next few runs we have booked.


Please note you must pre-book for all these events

Thursday 13th August South Shropshire Run. Chris Shuker

Meeting at Village Hall for coffee and return after run for picnic lunch (outside if weather good ) Cost £10 a car for use of hall.

Booked so far; Ian and Heather, Jonathon and Jane, Roger and Su, John and Gloria, David and Linda

Tuesday 18th August Elan Valley Roger Fields

This is a longer tour with a scenic trip to the Elan Valley.

They have toilets available and a catering trailer to get hot drinks etc. Parking is pre-booked and just £2.50

Booked so far: Ian and Heather, Jonathon and Jane, Margaret and Abi, David and Linda, Paul and Chris, Paul and Chris, Roger and Sarah

W/C 24 Aug John and Gloria (details to follow)

5 or 6 September “Sandstone Run” (details to follow)

Meet at Hall for coffee and after run return for picnic lunch (outside if weather good) cost £10 a car for use of hall.


Just to remind everyone that we are following the guidance below

1 All events will be limited to 12 cars and entry will be on a first come basis.

2 Entrants will need to register before the event so that there is a record of attendance in case there is a need to “track and trace”

3 We need to avoid the “procession of cars” which gives the wrong impression.

4 To avoid crowds and obey the social distancing rules we will need to be extra careful and choose locations and days that are less crowded, this will probably mean mid week events.

5 Food and facilities are the main issue, so “picnics” will be the main option and finding locations which also have toilets.


Last month we were informed about one of our members Lesley Wilkins who is a type 1 diabetic and so in the most vulnerable group for COVID-19. To help others with diabetes she is undertaking the Million Step Challenge to help raise funds for Diabetes UK. It started on 1st July and so far she has completed over 350,000 steps If you could donate a few pounds that would be great.

Please click on link below



In case you don’t already know, Asda are selling an MG-themed t-shirt. It’s available in-store or on-line, price £10. Get in quick as they are selling out pretty quickly.

27 September Bear Town Road Cruise - in aid of the Christie Cancer Centre at Macclesfield hospital

Details and application form here:

Bear Town Road Cruise

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