December newsletter

Monday 16th December 2019

Bar-B-Q on the Beach Sunday 29th December

The annual run to the beach (you don’t have to bring a MG), we meet at Dobbies 9am and leave by 9-15 stopping for coffee at “Merion Mill Dinas Mawddwy” and then go on to LLandanwg (LL46 2SD) for a Bar-b-q in the sand dunes. Bring your own food and cooking equipment and any silly hats etc !! Please let John Bungay know if you intend to come


January Tuesday 7th Club Night

February Tuesday 4th Grand Quiz night (Organised by John Bungay)

March Tuesday 3rd Club night

April Sunday 5th Spring run

April Tuesday7th Club night

April 26th “Drive it” Day

May 1st -4th Scotland tour

May Tuesday 5th Club night

May 30th Saturday Classics at the College

June Tuesday 2nd Evening short run

June Sunday 21st “Longest Day” run

July Tuesday 7th Evening short run

July Sunday 19th Mid Summer run

August Tuesday 4th Concourse night

August Sunday 16th August run

September Tuesday 1st Evening short run

September Sunday 13th September run

October 6th Club night

October Sunday 18th “Autumn Tints” run

November Tuesday 3rd Club night

December Tuesday 1st Club night

December Sunday 13th Christmas lunch


We have already started to plan events for next year so if you have any suggestions or runs you would like, let us know. John Bungay will be looking for volunteers during the year.

John Bungay, Christine Grindley and myself are willing to continue in the “club roles” for 2020 BUT very happy to stand down if anyone else in the club would like to take on the role. It is important that new people are involved. If you would be prepared carry out one of the roles please let me know and you will be warmly greeted!


As you are aware the club does not have any membership fees and only raises money from raffles etc. In the bank at present is £520 plus a further £146 raised at the Christmas Lunch. The main reason for holding a balance is to cover any deposits required in advance for booking lunches, this can be upto £10 ahead meaning a payment of £300.

No individual club member receives any payment. In the last year we purchased a new flag/banner for the club.


We have recently become more concerned about liability issues and insurance matters that the club may be faced with in the future and have looked at what other clubs are doing in this regard. There are a few insurance companies that specialise in this area which we have spoken to and also taken advice from the FBHC (Federation of British Historic Car Clubs)

Quotes have been obtained from two Insurance companies and they both offer cover for around £140 pa.

After discussing this with John Bungay, Christine Grindley and myself we have decided to go ahead and pay the insurance from within the club funds.


We had 49 members booked in for the Christmas lunch which was held at the Wroxeter Hotel, although it was a wet dismal day we made up for it by enjoying each other’s company and a good lunch on the whole, as we know it is always difficult getting the veg out at the same time as the main meal but carrots with the Christmas pudding for Gill was just “a tad too late”!! The table that won the quiz were way ahead of the other tables so well done to them.

MG Christmas Lunch Thank You

Jan and John. For today’s meal.

John Bungay Co-ordinating events

Christine. Treasurer

Paul Harrison Webmaster

Alan, John &Peter Concours Night

Peter and Gill Oxford Week end

Chris Shuker and Paul Raffle at Attingham and Today

And then most importantly for organising runs in the year:

John and Gloria

Christine and David

David and Anne Barber

Julie and Andrew

Sid and Ann

Bernard and Simon

Ian and Heather

Paul and Ann Keating

David and Mary

Roger and Barbara

Not forgetting Kevin and Janet for having a wedding run!


The next club meeting is at the Fox and Hounds Shawbury (SY4 4JG) on Tuesday 7thJanuary starting at 8pm. Please contact the pub before if you intend to eat ans say you are MG Club (01939 250600)


If anyone has any news or anything relating to the club or MG’s in general which they would like to share please send them and we will put it in the newsletter for all the club members.

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