Late July newsletter

Monday 20th July 2020


Well we have made a start at getting the club going under these difficult times but keeping to the government guide lines. Our first foray was to Attingham Park, with everyone booking themselves on line for a specific time, there were 8 cars. The weather was not the best, but it was dry while we walked around the grounds and caught up with the latest chit chat, it was so good being able to see people in the flesh. We got back to the car park and had our picnic, unfortunately halfway through it decided to rain so we were under the umbrellas to finish it, but it was a good start!

Alderford Lake were advertising their breakfast car club meet which we weren’t to sure of but thought we would go and take a look, if it didn’t seem right, we would return home. They had planned it very well and 10 car club members (5 cars) visited. A lot of the cars were the “boy racers” but there were a number of cars we had not seen before.

Sid and Ann had their arms twisted to organise another trip out and we had a lovely run out through the Delamere Forest area and finished at Lady Heyes craft centre. The café had a reserved area for us outside under cover which was where we had lunch.


Just to remind everyone that we are following the guidance below

1 All events will be limited to 12 cars and entry will be on a first come basis.

2 Entrants will need to register before the event so that there is a record of attendance in case there is a need to “track and trace”

3 We need to avoid the “procession of cars” which gives the wrong impression.

4 To avoid crowds and obey the social distancing rules we will need to be extra careful and choose locations and days that are less crowded, this will probably mean mid week events.

5 Food and facilities are the main issue, so “picnics” will be the main option and finding locations which also have toilets.


Please note you must pre-book for all these events

Thursday 23rd July Visit to Croft Castle (this is fully booked)

Saturday 1st August visit to National Garden Scheme at Baschurch.

This Garden has been opened exclusively for Shropshire MGs we will meet at Baschurch for 1pm and visit the Beautiful gardens entry is £10 a car. After the visit we return to the Fox and Hounds in Shawbury for a meal at 3pm. The pub is very quite at this time and if possible we will eat in the garden, otherwise the garden Room will be reserved just for us.

W/C 3rd August visit to a NT property (volunteer needed)

Thursday 13th August South Shropshire Run - Chris Shuker

Meeting at Village Hall for coffee and return after run for picnic lunch (outside if weather good ) Cost £10 a car for use of hall.

Tuesday 18th August Elan Valley  - Roger Fields

W/C 24 Aug (volunteer needed) 5 or 6 September “Sandstone Run”

Meet at Hall for coffee and after run return for picnic lunch (outside if weather good) cost £10 a car for use of hall.


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