May newsletter

Saturday 23rd May 2020



I hope you and your family continue to be safe and well and coping with the situation, I am sure we would all like to be out in the old cars but would refer you to the guidance below.

In the meantime please look at the club facebook page (Shropshire MGs) and also if anyone would like to join in on the “Zoom Meeting” please let me know and we can help you sort it out (well I mean I know someone who can help you!). It is easy and it does mean we can all see each other and have a chat.

Federation of Historic Car Clubs Advice

At the current time, the FBHVC strongly advises all member clubs to continue to cancel all activities outdoors and refrain from road runs, convoys or any other meet ups in groups until July at the earliest provisional date.

Please do NOT drive in groups or convoys – the UK Government states clearly that we must not meet more than one other person from outside our household. It is important that large groups of classic vehicle owners do not gather in parks, or places of natural beauty. By all means, use your historic vehicle individually, to drive to the shops or go out for exercise, but only individually.

Please remember, as clubs, individuals and organisations, we are all ambassadors for the historic vehicle scene as a whole.

At this moment in time, the FBHVC feels that it strikes very much the wrong tone with the public to parade historic vehicles through the streets and country lanes in groups when many people are still in lockdown within their homes or experiencing hardship or the loss of loved ones. The time will come, soon we hope, but it is not yet.

The FBHVC sees no reason not to use your historic vehicle individually, as long as it is safe to do so. Perhaps a trip to the supermarket or to exercise will stretch its legs.

SUNDAY 31st MAY… ZOOM MEETING at 12.30pm

There is another Zoom meeting on Sunday 31st May and details will be sent out to all those who have been on before, this time there will also be a quiz at the end prepared by John and Gloria!!


Some very good responses so well done to you all of you.Coming in at joint second was Paul and Chris Harrison and Roger and Sarah Fildes, but just slightly in front and the lucky winner of the bottle of Prosecco is John and Gloria Bungay (they must have too much time on their hands!!) So congratulations to you both and hope you enjoy it whilst planning an MG Run!



Let’s hope we might be able to have some runs in late July or August, however I expect we will need to modify how we take part and particularly I think we will not be using a pub at the end but probably having a picnic instead.


Those who have been before will know this is an excellent week end and already 10 couples have booked, if you are interested let Peter and Gill Allman know, there is no need for a deposit at the moment and obviously this is all dependent on the virus situation at the time.

SCOTLAND WEEK END (May day week end) 2021

We had to cancel this year but it is planned again for next year, staying at the Premier Inn Dumfries over the May Day Week end for the 3 nights Friday 30th April, Saturday 1 May and Sunday 2nd May. If you book now direct with Premier Inn the total cost for the room is £103 at the advance rate. (note this rate you pay now BUT can cancel upto 28 days before and have a full refund).

I know it seems a long way ahead but if you are interested it is a very good rate and the price will only increase over time. Let me know if you book.


Two wire wheels for an MGB (any condition) needed for project car, if you can assist (sell or loan) please contact Ivan Overton on 07484611795


This is the ONLY, 'Adams-Farwell' automobile left in existence. They were made in Dubuque , Iowa , between 1890-1913. That is really unique!

(Crankshaft is stationary, engine spins) It never caught on, but its fun to watch. Air cooled, of Course.

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